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Malcolm Arnold Preparatory School

Malcolm Arnold Prep is committed to ensuring every pupil excels both inside and the classroom and later on in their lives.

“Broadening horizons and growing passions; learning together to shape our community.”
"Please send them on their way in a manner that honours God.”
3 John 1:6


Malcolm Arnold Prep has an innovative curriculum that re-invigorates creativity and provides an exciting range of learning experiences.

If pupils enjoy school they will have good attendance rates, behave well and have high levels of engagement and involvement in their learning.

Malcolm Arnold Prep is different from many other primary schools as we adopt specialist teachers towards the top of the school. In this way we have the specialist knowledge to inspire and dive deeper in terms of knowledge, as well as the enthusiasm to create a passion for the subject in later life. Thus we have maths specialists who teach both classes of maths in a year, and the same for English. We import a native Spanish teacher to inspire and develop languages, we have specialist PE. We also have clearly defined lessons for many of what are perceived as the less important subjects like history, geography, RE, IT, music and drama – to ensure they are always taught and not squeezed out of the timetable as is the case elsewhere. Our pupils therefore get a holistic education designed to prepare them for the future world.

Our curriculum will increase motivation, raise standards and accelerate progress.

In the Early Years Foundation Stage, children are given opportunities to develop these skills through play based learning. Trips, visits and visitors also take place to enhance children’s understanding of the wider world. All these activities are designed to enhance children’s use of extended language and vocabulary.

We plan activities that cover all areas of learning:

  • Personal, social, emotional development
  • Communication and language
  • Physical development
  • Literacy
  • Maths
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive arts

All learning planned builds on children's interests and skills.

As a child progresses through the school into Key Stage 1 and then 2, the curriculum continues to give them the opportunity to achieve the highest possible standards of numeracy and literacy whilst ensuring they can become confident in physical, artistic, practical and social skills. We allow for the individual needs of each child to be met within well-planned learning experiences. We use the National Curriculum to guide coverage as well as using the Core Knowledge Curriculum and specific teaching programs such as Read, Write, Inc, Talk for Writing, Effective Maths, Jigsaw for PSHE and the locally agreed syllabus and Understanding Christianity for R.E. 

Areas of learning include:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Religious Education
  • Information and Communications Technology (which is taught within all other subject areas and used as a vehicle to improve learning both independently and collaboratively)
  • Art
  • Music (to also include whole class and individual tuition, using the specialist teachers from the adjoining Malcolm Arnold Academy)
  • Physical Education
  • History
  • Geography
  • Design and Technology

Additional time is also allocated to English and mathematics teaching.

All children follow the locally agreed syllabus for Religious Education. This is a vital part of the prep school curriculum due to its partnership with the Peterborough Diocese and the school’s distinctive Christian ethos.

For further information about the curriculum followed at Malcolm Arnold Preparatory School please contact us.

David Ross Education Trust and British Values

The Trust is very supportive of the ethos of promoting British Values, and preparing our pupils for success in a modern Britain.

A heavy reliance is placed upon broadening horizons for each and every child and this includes developing the core skills of tolerance, respect, teamwork, resilience and building self-esteem. These are all values and qualities that we feel are relevant in order to play a full and meaningful role in society, and are promoted via our extensive house system that lends itself to cultural and sporting competition, democratic principles, social mixing, the development of greater pastoral care and enhanced PSHE.

Click here to find out more about British Values at our academy

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