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Malcolm Arnold Preparatory School

Malcolm Arnold Prep is committed to ensuring every pupil excels both inside and the classroom and later on in their lives.

Diliges proximum tuum sicut te ipsum
"You shall love your neighbour as yourself"
Mark 12:31


We now have fourteen classes at Malcolm Arnold Preparatory School.

Reception: Robins and Sparrows
Year One: Squirrels and Hedgehogs
Year Two: Foxes and Badgers
Year Three: Lions and Tigers
Year Four: Leopards and Panthers
Year Five: Seals and Penguins
Year Six: Whales and Dolphins

Early Years

Miss Ballinger, Mrs Davies and Mrs Steel 

Year 1

Mrs Summers, Mrs Kaminska and Miss Boyle

Year 2

Miss Miley  and Miss Elliman

Year 3

Mrs Pheasant and Mr Arlington

Year 4

Mr Hobbs and Miss Simkins 

Year 5

 Miss Headworth and Miss Ireland

Year 6

Mrs O'Dell and Mrs Beadsmore

Class-based Support Team

Mrs Adams

Miss Barber

Mrs Begum

Miss Britten

Miss Clark

Miss Edinborough

Mrs Gopal

Miss King

Mrs Marshall

Miss Neal

Ms O'Dell

Miss Walden

Mrs Whitehouse

Mrs Wills

 Inclusion Team

Mrs D Paterson (Family Support Worker)

Miss A Champion (Learning Mentor)

Miss Dickerson (SENDCo)

Support and Admin

Ms Zara Gamble (Senior Administrator)

Miss Nicola Wright (Administrator)

Senior Leadership

Principal: Mrs Tracey Hudson DSL

Vice Principal: Mrs K Weston (Teaching and Leaning, Curriculum & Behaviour Lead) DDSL

SENDCo: Mrs M Dickerson