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Malcolm Arnold Preparatory School

Malcolm Arnold Prep is committed to ensuring every pupil excels both inside and the classroom and later on in their lives.

“Broadening horizons and growing passions; learning together to shape our community.”
"Please send them on their way in a manner that honours God.”
3 John 1:6


We now have fourteen classes at Malcolm Arnold Preparatory School.

The Robins and the Sparrows in Reception, the Squirrels and Hedgehogs in Year One, the Foxes and Badgers in Year 2, the Lions and Tigers in Year Three, the Leopards and Panthers in Year Four, the Seals and Penguins in Year Five and the Whales and Dolphins in Year Six.

We can take up to a maximum of 30 children in each class.

Early Years

The Early Years Team are Mrs Steel, Mrs Davies, Mrs Summers, Mrs Pyrah, Miss Filsell and Mrs Smith. Mrs Summers is our Early Years Team Leader.

Year 1

The Squirrels are taught by Miss Barre and supported by Miss Munnelly and Mrs Marshall.

The Hedgehogs are taught by Miss Kennedy and supported by Miss McDonald.

Year 2

The Foxes are taught by Mr Trotter (SENDco and DDSL) and supported by Miss Schreiber.

The Badgers are taught by Miss Cooke and supported by Miss O'Reilly and Miss Munnelly.

Year 3

The Lions are taught by Mrs Pheasant and supported by Mrs Brightman.

The Tigers are taught by Miss Miley and supported by Miss Elliman.

Year 4

The Panthers are taught by Miss Headworth and supported by Miss Lemaire.

The Leopards are taught by Miss Clues and supported by Miss Duddy.

Year 5

The Penguins are taught by Miss Babb and supported by Mrs Wills and Miss Jarvis.

The Seals are taught by Miss Brown (DSL - Online Safety Lead) and supported by Mrs Wills and Miss Jarvis.

Year 6

The Dolphins are taught by Mr Crick and Mrs Gaffney and supported by Mr Hobbs. 

The Whales are taught by Mrs Brown and supported by Mr Hobbs.

Support and Admin

Our Pastoral Lead is Mrs Catlin (DSL) who works with Miss McAllister (DSL - Family support worker) supporting children and families from across the school.

Our Administrator team are Miss Zara Gamble (Senior Administrator), Miss Nicola Wright (Administrator) and Miss Sayeeda Khatun (Admin Apprentice) 

Senior Leadership

Miss J.D. Hives is our Principal and Designated Safeguarding Lead, Mrs Elizabeth Gaffney (DSL) is our vice Principal and Mr Shane Crick (DDSL) as our Assistant Principal.