Plans progress for our new building

Months of eager anticipation for parents and pupils have reached their conclusion after plans for a new primary school building on the site of Malcolm Arnold Academy, Northampton, were approved on Tuesday evening. Councillors on the Planning Committee unanimously voted in favour of the construction of a brand new primary school facility to house Malcolm Arnold Preparatory School.

Due to open in September 2016, the state-of-the-art primary school building will enable the growth of the Malcolm Arnold Preparatory School which currently consists of two Reception and two Year 1 classes. These are presently housed in a section of the secondary school buildings.

Pupils of Malcolm Arnold Preparatory School will be able to access shared facilities with the secondary school, including floodlit astroturf pitches and first-class music suites.  Primary pupils and staff will also be able to establish working partnerships with Malcolm Arnold Academy to enhance learning and to develop link-ups with secondary education.

The news comes amid pressing need for more primary school spaces in Northampton and calls from parents in the existing Malcolm Arnold Preparatory School Reception and Year 1 classes to have access to a full primary offering up to Year 6.

Marie Lally, Headteacher at Malcolm Arnold Preparatory School, said:

“We are delighted with the news that the plans have been approved. The construction of the primary school building will not only meet the increasing demand for primary spaces in Northampton but will also provide a sustainable site for shared resources and outstanding facilities across the early years, primary and secondary settings.”

As part of the David Ross Education Trust (DRET), pupils joining the school in September will have access to extensive co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities as well as links with other primary and secondary schools from across the trust.

Wendy Marshall, CEO of DRET, said:

“This is another milestone for the Trust as we celebrate the construction of a primary school facility on the Malcolm Arnold Academy site. We look forward to expanding on our existing successes at the Malcolm Arnold schools and providing a beacon of learning and inspiration that spans both primary and secondary level.”

Planning Officials and Trust staff agreed that Malcolm Arnold Preparatory School will work closely with the local community over the coming months to reach the best solution for a new pedestrian crossing and parking strategy for the site. The plans include 33 additional parking spaces, including three disabled spaces, and seven drop-off bays to reduce congestion on Trinity Avenue.

Reception and Year 1 pupils at Malcolm Arnold Preparatory School are excited for the opportunities that the new building will bring. Soraya, age 5, said:

“I can’t wait to have my first lesson in the new school!”