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Pupil Premium

The Government provides academies and schools with additional funding to help reduce inequalities and gaps in attainment between those students who are on free school meals (FSM) and their peers. This funding is called the Pupil Premium.

Every academy and school can select how they choose to use their Pupil Premium allocation to meet the specific needs of their children. Every school needs to be held accountable for how this money is spent, which is why we make details of how it is used available on all our websites.

The person responsible for the Pupil Premium allocation is Karen Stevenson (Deputy Head and SENCO).

Pupil Premium for 2017-2018:

Number of children eligible for pupil premium: 35

Amount of pupil premium received per child: £1,320

Total pupil premium received: £46,200

Number of Looked After Children (£1900 per child): 0

Number of service children (£300 per child): 0


Pupil Premium for 2018-2019:

Number of children eligible for pupil premium: 46

Amount of pupil premium received per child: £1,320

Total pupil premium received: £60,720

Number of Looked After Children (£2300 per child): 0

Number of service children (£300 per child): 0


Planned support for 2018/2019 (with approximate costings)

£200 allocated to families to enable inclusion for all through school contribution to:

• Trips

• Externally taught music lessons in school

• After school clubs offered at school

• Uniform

• Before and after school club

• Daily milk

Total: £9200

• Additional support staff in every classroom

• Additional intervention support time/ small group teaching 

• Additional teacher for phonics 4 times a week

• Social and emotional 1:1 nurture

Total: £41000

Home resource packs to help further learning and development

Total: £4600

Family support given, attendance monitoring and support and including working with other professionals eg EHA

Total: £5500

Leadership working with other professionals, creating action plans and ensuring implementation

Total: £2000

Planned Impact of the Pupil Premium funding:

  • Improve self-confidence progress for PP children so their progress is as good as or better than non PP children to narrow the gap.
  • Progress of PP children is in line with peers and the attainment gap is lower than national as they have access to enrichment activities
  • PP children have attended at least one school run after school in the year and have attended class trips
  • The gap in attainment between children supported by pupil premium and children not supported by pupil premium at the end of all year groups will be lower than the national gap.T6
  • All children supported by pupil premium will make good or better progress from their baseline or year group starting point. 
  • The gap between the attainment of PP and non PP children will decrease at each KPI point throughout the year.
  • PP children will complete home learning weekly in line with rest of class 
  • Attendance gap for PP vs non PP is narrowed term on term
  • Parental engagement for PP parents is in line with non PP parents – attendance at assemblies, plays, open sessions, information sessions
  • Number of families needing FSW support, EHA’s and higher decreases

TOTAL SPEND: £62,300


Sports Premium Funding

The government is spending over £450 million on improving physical education and sport in primary schools. Schools can choose how they use the funding to best improve their sports provision, sport participation and attainment. 

Details of how we allocated the grant for the academic year 2017-18 can be viewed by downloading the document on the left-hand side of the page. 

In 2018-19 our Sports Premium funding allocation for this year is £18,370.

 Our Pupil Premium Strategy is reviewed throughout the academic year.