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Life With Us

At Malcolm Arnold Prep School we believe that school should be fun, rewarding and inspiring. We work hard to ensure each and every pupil will achieve their full potential as they demonstrate 'reaching for the moon'!

To achieve this, we offer outstanding enrichment opportunities and a highly-skilled and dedicated staff. 

At the core of the pastoral heart of the school is our house system. We have four houses all named after explorers to tie in with MAPS and our philosophies of 'Broadening Horizons' and 'Reaching for the Moon'. Our four house teams are:





The children are organised into these houses in Reception and stay in the same house throughout their time at the Prep school. We ensure siblings are placed into the same house to foster the sense of belonging to a school and family community. Children join together in houses for a range of activities and competitions; from snack-time to sports day. 

We focus on positive behaviour management systems and promote the values we would like our children to embody through our MAPS Code of Conduct. Our code is simple and well-understood, even by Reception children:

*Make kind choices

*Aim high; seek new challenges

*Persevere; always try your best

*Show respect and good manners

Another key element of life at the Prep School is the potential it offers to enabling a smooth transistion to secondary school.

As we share a campus with Malcolm Arnold Academy this allows for a very easy transition. We have established a peer mentoring scheme with Malcolm Arnold by which older pupils at secondary school work as Peer Mentors for pupils in the Prep.  The emphasis of this is to promote good attendance, taking ownership of learning and a positive attitude to the school community. This also ensures that when pupils transfer to Secondary School they already know of some of the expectations upon them.