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We now have six classes at Malcolm Arnold Preparatory School. The Robins and the Sparrows in Reception, the Squirrels and Hedgehogs in Year One and the Foxes and Badgers in Year 2.

The Sparrows are taught by Mrs Smyth and Mrs Davies and supported by Miss Walding, Mrs Wills and Mrs Brennan.

The Robins are taught by Miss Blakemore and supported by Miss Higgs and Mrs Munnelly.

The Squirrels are taught by Miss Estano and supported by Mrs McFarland and Miss McGowan.

The Hedgehogs are taught by Mrs Cox and supported by Mrs Sheard, Mrs Wills and Mrs Brennan.

The Foxes are taught by Mrs Brown and supported by Miss McDonald.

The Badgers are taught by Miss Brown and supported by Mrs Pheasant.

Our family support worker is Mrs Giles who works with children and families from across the school.

Mrs Stevenson teaches classes across the school on a regular basis.

 We can take up to a maximum of 30 children in each class. We also offer 1:1 support for children on a regular basis.