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We now have ten classes at Malcolm Arnold Preparatory School. The Robins and the Sparrows in Reception, the Squirrels and Hedgehogs in Year One, the Foxes and Badgers in Year 2, the Lions and Tigers in Year Three and the Leopards and Panthers in Year Four. 

Mr Northcott is our headteacher and Mrs Stevenson is our deputy head and SENDCO.


The Early Years Team are Mrs Steel, Mrs Summers, Miss McAllister, Mrs Smith and Miss Jarvis.


The Squirrels are taught by Miss Headworth and supported by Miss Elliman.


The Hedgehogs are taught by Miss Blakemore and supported by Miss Tebbutt.


The Foxes are taught by Mr Trotter and supported by Mrs Brightman.


The Badgers are taught by Miss Barre and supported by Mrs Macfarland.


The Lions are taught by Mrs Pheasant and supported by Miss Lemaire.


The Tigers are taught by Mrs Smyth and Mrs Onafeko and supported by Miss Duddy.


The Year 4 team includes Miss Brown, Mrs Brown, Mr Hobbs, Mrs Adams. 


Our family support worker is Mrs Catlin who works with children and families from across the school.


Other adults who support across our school are: Mrs Davies, Mrs Marshall, Mrs Munnelly, Mrs Onafeko, Miss Gaenor, Miss Paye, Miss Schreiber, Mrs Tanhai, Mrs Wills, Miss Tracey,and Miss Natalie.

Our office staff are Mrs Hawkins-Smith and Miss Nikki. 


We can take up to a maximum of 30 children in each class. We also offer 1:1 support for children on a regular basis.